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Collected Advice on Graduate Education

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I am a 5th year graduate student and I have been here way too long. In the Fall of 2001 got broad-sided and was forced to reanalyze my goals for the future. During my time previous to this event I had talked with many people (students and faculty) about the process of graduate education. I noticed that many of we little students were having the same problems and experiences. The other glaring similarly was that none of use had been given any forewarning or guidance related to our situation.

I set out to create a guide that would help out some of my fellow students. It ends up that there have been many such documents created (mostly from the field of computer science, seems like they take care of their fledglings). Most of these contributions are very good. So instead of reinventing the wheel I have collected writings from the Web that I feel provide good advice to graduate students. Doing this does reduce the consistency of the message (derived from my experiences) that I that I wish to convey. This though is reflective of the nature of graduate education. The process is very individualized and there is not one path for everybody. In a way then it is better to review several sources of information from people who have had different experiences. You will of course have a different experience, but I think that you will find as I have that there are trends that overlap between individual paths.

Any materials here are reproduced on-site with permission from the authors or are scattered around the web enough that I perceive them as being in the public domain. Other documents where permission was not received for reproduction are linked. For the on-site documents I have provided a rough subject index to guide you to what I think are important, major themes in the documents. At the minimum I would read Marie deJardins "How to be a Good Graduate Student", considered by many to be the best help document for graduate education.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about materials on this site.

Tyler Heibeck

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