3. First arrival

3.1 Getting to Marburg.
3.2 I'm stuck in Marburg and I have no idea what to do!!!

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3.1 Getting to Marburg.

If you can have someone meet you at the Frankfort Airport it is a life saver. Someone that knows Marburg is the best choice. If not read on.

When you get into Frankfort be sure that you give Herr Komm, your director at Marburg, a call before noon (when the office closes. Phone: 06241 284843). It might also be a good idea to call him a few days before you leave for Germany. If he is in Marburg he will sometimes pick you up at the train station at Marburg and you might even get into your room. If not, you will have to stay in a hotel or hostel for the night or call Studentenwerk to see if you can get into your room (Sections: 3.2 and 4.2). If you are really stuck see Section: 3.2.

In any situation you will have to get to Marburg by train. From Terminal 1 of the Frankfort Airport catch the S8 train (in the basement) to the Frankfort Hauptbahnhof (Hbf), you can but a ticket to Marburg (about 20 DM) from the vending machines (number: 05). From Terminal 2 you will have to take the Skyline (an above-ground train line) to Terminal 1.

Once in the Frankfort Hbf go upstairs to the Fernzuge. Check on the yellow Abfahrt sheets (hanging around the station) and the main board at the front of the station for trains to Marburg (take an RE or an IR train). Go to the track (Gleis) and wait, any announcement of track changes will be given there.

The train ride will be about an hour (on an RE or IR, 1 1/2 for RB) to Marburg. Keep an eye out the window for the station (on an IR or RE it is the station after Geißen). Many times they do not announce the stops. Get your luggage ready before the stop, since you will have about two minutes to get off of the train.

Now wait for your Marburg contact (hopefully Herr Komm) if not read Section: 3.2.

3.2 I'm stuck in Marburg and I have no idea what to do!!!

You really only need this section if you do not have a contact in Marburg or for some reason you could not get in touch with Herr Komm. You can also use this section if you need a place to stay for the night.

If you have not gotten in contact with the Auslandsamt (Section: 4.5) or Herr Komm and you are in Marburg after noon try the phone to see if anyone is in the office. If it is after noon the chances are that you will not be able to get in contact with anyone there. If you want to try and get into you room get in contact with Studentenwerk (Section: 4.2) call them at 06421 2960 to see if you can get into your room or call Hans-Peter Hardt (phone: 296140) he is the head of the student housing (office hours 9:30 to 1 p.m.). In all fail you can also call the International Programs Director at Juniata for problem solving in an emergency. These phone numbers will be given to you by Juniata.

If you cannot reach anybody, you will have to wait until the next day. Lock up your luggage in the train station (lockers are by the stairs to the tracks: small 2 DM ; large 4 DM for 24 hours). Some hotels are listed in a booth to the right outside the train station (as you walk out) and across the parking lot. They range from medium priced to very expensive. You can also stay in the Marburg youth hostel (about 25 DM with sheets and breakfast). If you donít have a HI(Hosteling International) membership card you can buy it there for 21 DM.

Directions to the youth hostel (C on the map):

With bus (cost 2 DM):

Take bus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 to Rudolphsplatz from the bus stop across the circle from the train station. You are now on Biegenstr. With the even street numbers on your right, walk straight ahead past movie theater until you come the Dresner Bank (next to the river). Cross the bridge that goes over the river next to the Dresner Bank. Go down to the path that runs along the side of the river opposite the bank. Follow this path for about 550 yards until you see a foot bridge going across the river. The hostel should be to your left.

By foot

Looking at the map (Section 12.2). Follow Bahnhofstr. to Elisabethstr. (left at Barmer) to Pilgriumstein (straight at church) to Rudolphsplatz. Then follow directions from the bus stop above. The whole walk is about 1.5 miles.


You can also hire a taxi at the train station. Ask the price before you hire the cab (cabs are expensive as anywhere else).

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