Download of the Marburg Manual

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I have placed in the document in PDF format (Portable Document Format). It can be viewed using Acrobat reader 3.0 or greater. This format has become the standard way to transport documents independent of different computer systems and programs. If you do not have this on your computer, you will have to download it and follow the directions included. If your web browser has the correct plug-in you can select if below and you will see it in your window. The file can be saved in the file -> Save As... window (save as Text).

Usually if you browser can not support PDF format directly you will be prompted to save the document. It can be downloaded directly by placing the cursor on the link and selecting the contextual menu. This is done by hold down the mouse button and a control or alt key or the right mouse button if your computer has this (the exact method will vary with web browser and platform). Once you have this menu select Save Link as... and proceed as above.


Download or view Marburg Manual (PDF Version).