1. Introduction

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If you are reading this you are probably thinking about going to Marburg, Germany or have already decided to go. Either way this Manual should prove to be a resource of information to you. The Marburg Manual was originally written during the 1995-96 school year by Juniata students while they were in Germany. Only some parts were written in the States. It was important to get the information in written form before it was forgotten and could not be passed on to the next Juniata exchange group going to Marburg. In 1995 to 96 the group was large, five people, this made some things easier for all of us. Smaller groups or single exchanges may not have this advantage. This Manual should provide some insight and hopefully make a year abroad at Marburg even more enjoyable.

The Marburg Manual has been written with the intent that it can be used throughout the whole year of the exchange. You should at least look through the first few sections before you get on the plane. It is by no means a complete guide, but efforts have been taken to provide you with enough information to find resources in Marburg. Some material has been repeated from what you have received from the International Programs Office. This was done only to have the important information in one place. Also remember that with time information changesand some things in this manual will not be correct. Even so some information is better than none at all. These are the answers to the questions that we had when we spend a year in Marburg.

We hope that you will find this manual helpful and that you enjoy your year has much as we did. Questions? Read on. Unless of course you want more of a challenge. In that case just refer to the manual when you are really stuck.

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