2. Before Departure

2.1 Read, read, read and ask questions.
2.2 Money matters before going

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2.1 Read, read, read and ask questions.

It is very important that you read the material that is given to you by the International Programs Office. It contains much useful information that you will need to know before you depart and when you arrive in Marburg. Not all of it is up to date. It is our hope that the Marburg Manual will always be up-to-date. The guides that they give you are well constructed but written for all of the Juniata exchange programs. This Manual covers mostly items specific to Marburg. Also read everything that Philips-Universität sends you.

When given the opportunity ask questions. Ask people in the International Programs Office about former students experiences, grade transfer, money from the school — anything — they are very helpful. More importantly though ask students who have studied in Marburg for advice (American and Germany students at Juniata). Donít forget the people who are currently in Marburg. They can find out information easily, they are already in Marburg. When asking questions be specific, they are easier to answer. Ask for examples and the experiences that the people have had.

The more you know before you leave, the easier you will adjust to the idea of living in Germany. You probably will not remember it all so write it down, youíll thank yourself later. It is important to be prepared and being so will allow for a allow rewarding experience. Ask the questions and read before you step on the plane.

2.2 Money matters before going.

You should bring enough money for the first month of your stay in Marburg. The first month will be the most expensive because you will have many one time fees to pay.

Expense Amount (DM)
Aufenthaltserlaubnis (Visa) (Sect.: 4.11) 60.00
First Months Rent approx. (Sect.: 12.1) 280.00
Security Deposit approx. (Sect.: 12.1) 300.00
University fee (Sect.: 4.8) 174.50
1st Month Health Insurance (Sect.: 4.7) 86.00
U-Key Deposit and 10 DM on key 20.00
1st month Food approx. 350.00
Total 1270.5 DM

This list is based on 1995 to 96 prices and should give you an idea of how much you will need. You should estimate for yourself any other expenses. It is a good idea to have access to money for the next half month (based on your stipend). Sometimes it can be a week or so before the stipend cycle gets started.

It is good to have cash when you arrive (150 - 200 DM is a good amount). That is enough to get you to Marburg, have a place to stay for the night, and buy a meal if you need to. It is also a good idea to bring some of your money in travelers checks (in DM to save being charged a commission). This is instant cash for paying bills. Marburg was plenty of ATMs that take credit cards and bank cards on the Cirrus and Plus networks. Any questions about foreign money transfers should be asked at your home bank before you leave.

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