Other Interests

Other Interests

I have many other interests outside science.  My brother and I own several small, but profitable, internet companies.

Highland Hospitality Recruitment    


     Solway Internet

Hotelkeeper          Galloway Genealogy
Our core business concerns finding seasonal and temporary hotel and bar staff for hospitality establishments throughout the United Kingdom.  We help many students, travelers and backpackers find work every year.

Through our sites, we also promote valuable internet offers that we find from time to time.  These always offer tremendous value and usefulness.

Our current list includes :

bigredwire gives you a free, real long distance account.  This is not internet telephony. Just visit their site and zap the charges from your online bill!  I use this and get free calls to the UK through it.  No long distance charges or anything.

Lowest Airfares on the web.  This is definitely the place to get cheap air fares, domestic and international.  I've used them several times to go back to the UK.

AboutBar is ideal if you are online all the time. Forget those useless 2 cents per hour things, this one's 50c per hour, unlimited. Pays my DSL bill anyway.


Since moving to the USA, I've acquired a liking for proper coffee, as opposed to the instant stuff.  Boston has many good coffee houses, my nearest and favourite is Peet's Coffee in Coolidge Corner, Brookline.  Their website tells you how to make the perfect cuppa, and you can get specialty coffees and teas there too.  Try the Darjeeling - if you can't get it fresh from Darjeeling, this is the next best thing.

Sadly, my favourite 'in-town' coffeehouse is no more, the amazing 'Curious Liquids' by the State-house, an eclectic paradise!